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Flame King Auto Regulator with Pls Cover & Long Mount Bracket


  • Allows removal of empty cylinder for refill without interrupting propane supply
  • For RVs with dual propane tanks; Automatically switches from primary to reserve tank when primary is empty
  • Pairs well with our 48 Inch Thermo Plastic Hose, item 100383-48
  • Double stage design maintains constant gas pressure under changing demand and conditions
  • Inlets are 1/4″ SAE inverted flare and outlet is 3/8″ NPT female pipe thread
  • Rated for 190, 000 BTU
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Flame KIng 2 Stage Changeover Regulator


Please read below instructions or watch our video below

  1. Turn the Lever towards a tank.
  2. If there is propane in the tank, the indicator will go clear.
  3. Propane will begin to flow from this tank ONLY through the regulator and to the appliances.
  4. When the tank runs out of propane, the indicator will show RED and the regulator will automatically switch over to pulling propane from the other tank.
  5. Rotate the lever to the other side and the indicator will go clear again.
  6. This will allow you to remove the empty tank and get it filled.
  7. Propane will flow from the second one while you get the first one refilled.


Weight: 2 lb
Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 4 inches
Factory set at 11wc (water column)

Click HERE for the product manual

Customer Reviews

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Bruce Sadow

It was an exact replacement to the one that I removed. Easy to install. I am a happy camper.

David M. Fishlow
Good product, chaotic info

Gas for the on-demand water heater at my rural vacation rental is supplied in 100-lb cylinders or "tanks". As auto-switch regulators are not available locally, it seemed a good idea--and it was--to order via Amazon. However, as product information is sketchy, requests for guidance from "Mendel" at Flame King were a wasted effort, and since there is a good deal of misinformation re installation in the buyer comments, I offer what I wish I had found all in one place. It took days to learn what Flame King should have told me.

Installation is easy, takes only a few minutes, IF you have at hand all the fittings you need.

1. MOUNTING bracket attached to the regulator is a horizintal flat metal plate with a pre-drilled bolt hole, easily affixed to any horizontal wooden or metal bar or shelf with a a bolt, a nut and a couple of washers. Time involved: depends on whether you need to a drill a hole on the mounting surface; otherwise 30 seconds.

2. INLETS: Regulator is shipped with PERMANENT brass female reverse-flair (concave) inlet fittings to accommodate threaded ¼" brass reverse-flare (convex) "pigtail" fittings. Some purchasers complain about difficulty in removing these permanent fittings, which is hard to do, will break the factory seals, and is a waste of effort. If your existing pigtails or new ones your order (see below) are of the male ¼" NPT (flat-end) type, you will need TWO ADAPTERS, ¼" female NPT to male ¼" reverse-flare (convex), available locally or via Amazon. Using yellow wrapping tape for gas, install the adapters (if needed) to the inlet fittings, wrap the pigtail connectors and install. Total time, maybe 3 minutes.

3. In some countries (not the US, but the one where I live), propane cylinders ("tanks") have reverse-thread connections (left or ccw to tighten, right or cw to loosen) called POL connections for the original manufacturer. If you use existing or new POL pigtails, see the note above about NPT vs. reverse-flair fittings. Time involved: for connecting pigtail to tanks, 15-30 seconds each side.

4. OUTLET. Regulator outlet has a ⅜" female pipe-thread fitting, and details of connection to the gas line supplying one or more appliances, depends on the nature of the existing installation. Whether cast iron, yellow
polyethylene plastic pipe or (obsolete) copper piping, you will need a ⅜" male brass or polyethylene fitting to connect to the regulator. (Galvanized steel pipe not rec. for propane).

5. Finally, Amazon offered a "buy together" package including the POL reverse-thread pigtails I needed, 2 NPT-to-reverse flair adapters for the regulator inlets, and a roll of wrapping tape, all of which simplified ordering, worked perfectly and saved a whole lot of time.

Muy practico

Maneja buen concepto, solo que al manual le falta indicar, cómo realizar pequeños ajustes de regulación del gas


Had to make new bracket

Lisa Tran
Easy to install

Easy install used on toy hauler

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