When it comes to outdoor cooking, choosing the right fuel source is crucial for achieving that perfect meal. Two popular options often come into consideration: propane and natural gas. Both have their advantages and considerations. In this article, we will compare propane and natural gas as fuel sources for outdoor cooking, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.

Propane: Convenience and Portability: Propane is widely recognized for its convenience and portability, making it a popular choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Our Flame King Products Propane Tanks are readily available, allowing you to easily connect them to your grill or stove. They offer the flexibility to be used in various outdoor settings, such as camping trips, tailgating events, or backyard cookouts. With propane, you can have the freedom to cook anywhere, anytime, without relying on a fixed gas line connection.

Natural Gas: Cost-Efficiency and Continuous Supply: If you have access to a natural gas line in your outdoor cooking area, natural gas can be an attractive option. One of its significant advantages is its cost-efficiency. Natural gas tends to be less expensive than propane in the long run, as it is directly connected to your home's gas supply. You won't need to worry about purchasing and refilling propane tanks, resulting in potential cost savings over time. Additionally, with a continuous gas supply, you won't run out of fuel during extended cooking sessions.

Temperature Control and Heat Output: When it comes to temperature control and heat output, both propane and natural gas offer excellent performance. Propane grills often provide higher heat output, allowing for quick preheating and searing meats to perfection. On the other hand, natural gas grills may have a slightly lower heat output but provide consistent heat over longer periods. Ultimately, the choice depends on your cooking style and preference.

Environmental Impact: Considering environmental factors is essential in today's eco-conscious world. Propane and natural gas have different environmental impacts. Propane is a byproduct of natural gas processing and petroleum refining, while natural gas is a fossil fuel extracted from underground reserves. Both fuels burn cleaner than traditional charcoal or wood, emitting fewer particulate matter and carbon monoxide. However, natural gas is considered a cleaner-burning fuel with lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to propane.

Safety Considerations: Safety should always be a priority in outdoor cooking. Propane tanks are designed with safety features such as pressure relief valves and built-in regulators to ensure proper operation. However, handling and storing propane tanks require some caution, especially when transporting or refilling them. Natural gas, being connected to a fixed gas line, eliminates the need for handling and storing tanks, reducing potential safety concerns.





Natural Gas

  • Never run out of fuel

  • Less expensive in the long run

  • The grill needs to stay where it is

  • Installation requires a professional and maybe expensive


  • More portable than a Natural Gas grill

  • Burns hotter than Natural Gas

  • The tank can run out of fuel



Conclusion: Flame King BBQ's have been build to achieve optimum burn and efficiency. The choice between propane and natural gas for outdoor cooking depends on your specific needs, preferences, and available resources. Propane offers convenience, portability, and higher heat output, making it ideal for those who value flexibility and mobility. Natural gas, on the other hand, provides cost-efficiency, continuous supply, and lower environmental impact for those with a fixed gas line connection.

Consider factors such as your cooking style, frequency of use, access to natural gas lines, and long-term cost considerations when making your decision. Regardless of your choice, both propane and natural gas can deliver exceptional results, allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor cooking and create delicious meals for family and friends.